Contact Sensor Not Always Working

After having installed my Ring Alarm System last week, I have found that one of my contact sensors is not working consistently. It is not recording a door opening, then when it is closed and re-opened, only then does it recognise the door being opened.

I have tried adjusting its position, but that didn’t fix it, so I reset it completely and re-added it toi my system, but that didn’t help, so I swapped its location with another contact sensor that was working perfectly, but it still doesn’t work consistently.

Is there anything else I could try or does it sound like I have a faulty sensor?

Is there an email address that I should use to contact support?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like it’s defective. Call customer service.
Call Us
US: +1(800) 656-1918 (24/7)
US: +1(888) 981-8993 (Español - 24/7)
INTL: +1(310) 929-7085 (24/7)

I think you’re right, I shall call the UK number and talk it through and see what they say. I hope it is a straightforward process to get it replaced.

so after being on the phone for an hour doing various tests I have a replacement contact sensor on its way to me. Although it was a lengthy call, the customer service guys were very polite and their communication was great. Very pleased that after investing in this new alarm system that the support is there!

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