Constant "streaming error" issues

I’m at my wits end with this.
i’ve tried everything to try get this system to work but i just cannot come right.

RSSI - fluctuates between 50 and 57
Doing a speedtest right next to my ring devices with my phone on the wifi gives me 50mbps down and 48mbps up.

i have been through this

at this point i am about ready to return this device.

i can click on live view and i just get a spinning wheel followed by “live view ended”

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These are the same symptoms i am seeing as well. I have been through the on/off tests, resetting router, and checking speed. I have put my phone right next to the doorbell and it gets 150+MBps

For me i also noticed i can see the live view 0/10 times when i get a notification but maybe 3/10 times if i check it randomly. As there is no value for checking the camera randomly this means the feature has no value.

Is there a fix for this? Considering the speeds i am getting this suggests the design is at fault. I am certainly not convinced to sign up for the plan if it cant even do the most basic functions.

Hey neighbors. This topic has been discussed in depth in this thread here. Join the conversation and try some of the suggested solutions that many neighbors have found success with. I hope this helps!