Constant offline

I’ve had the battery ring video for a month. 3 times its gone offline. What’s worse is to reset it I’ve got to unscrew the tiny screws to get to the orange reset button. Crazy. I have 2 rings and only trouble with one. Beginning to think it is defective. Battery is full. No wifi password changes. Close to the router. Not happy with this device

i agree i am offline currently and since i will not be back until January. I have an very expensive paperweight once again hanging from my door. Ring isnt doing anything to improve the situation citing security. What security are you providing when you are always offline. When they go down weather its electric or weather is a birp in the internet it will not come back up.

serious problems with ring

  1. no remote access vie computer or ring customer service. It does not matter if you are one block away, grocery store, on vacation if its not online its not doing its job of protecting you.

2 To get someone else to reset it for you. They have to have your phone witch near the device or you have to give them your log in credentials, sounds like a huge security risk there so having someone reset it for you is a no …go.

real issues that need to be addressed. All my alexa devices are online but my door bell is offline until January.

frustrated and disappointed. My devices have been offline more then they been online.