Constant Illumination - Ring KeyPad Gen 2

I recently left ADT and installed the Ring home security system.

I love the system with one exception.
The alarm keypad - gen 2 cannot be set to stay illuminated. I heard it is possible with the gen 1 keypad.

This keypad is visible to anyone at my front door and anyone in my backyard looking into the window.

The ability to have it remain illuminated is a security deterrent.

When my ADT was armed, you would clearly see it, bright and visible.
Unfortunately this is currently not an option for the ring keypad.

To my dismay, I cannot believe or understand how this issue has not been addressed after so many ring customers have voiced there need for an update (Since May of last year!)

Is there anything in the works to give us that “constant illuminated” option?

If nothing is in the works, please make the Gen 1 keypads available again.

I’m a recent convert from ADT to Ring as well, although the thing I miss the most is the ability to silently enable Home mode without an audible countdown. :slight_smile:

The other thing I can suggest here is the base station. Where I have it placed in my kitchen, the red ring is clearly visible through the window looking in from the backyard. Not visible from the front, but I have my “protected by Ring” sign in the front yard.