Why doesn’t Ring stay connected. Everytime I get a notification I have to reconnect. Is this right?

Hey @maggiea1055! This should not be happening. If you are getting a notification, that is a great indicator that your device is online and operating in the app as intended. Losing connection during an event, or your device falling offline in general, is commonly related to your wifi signal strength, or distance and interferences between the device and Base Station.

Depending on the symptoms, your mobile device connection can be just as important as your wifi connection. Please disable bluetooth, VPN, and close any apps in the background, then test the functionality of your Ring device. Testing this on wifi only, and cell data only is another great way to see which connection is best to use. Feel free to let us know your results, as well as confirm which device and any other observations you have! :slight_smile:

My wifi was off and my data and blue tooth was on. I turned on Wifi, kept my data on and turned off my blue tooth. I dont have very good reception here, I only have 2 bars. The ring is about 100ft or less from the router, with maybe 3 walls between them. I hope the 2 bars is not the problem, that cant be fixed, I think

Thank you for sharing these details with us @maggiea1055. The first thing I noticed was the distance from router and 3 walls between. Wifi signal travels over the air via radio waves which can weaken over distance and with interferences. For a distance of 100 feet, We recommend moving the router closer, or getting a wifi extender such as our Chime Pro.

If you have an Alarm system, and it is an Alarm z-wave device that is too far, check out our Alarm Range Extenders.

Your mobile device’s cellular connection will depend on your cell plan, coverage, or available towers in your area. That being said, when you are home, you might find it more reliable to connect to your wifi network with your mobile device. The above steps should certainly lead to an improvement in connection for you. :slight_smile: