Connecting to wifi

OK so I’ve had my doorbell for over 4 months i think, worked fine, until now i went to charge the battery and now i cannot connect to wifi. Ever since i updated the app. When the ring doorbell is next to my router it works, but when i move the doorbell 3ft away i lose connection. Spectrum says i have a strong signal. Soo. I think it’s the app. Videos on my phone work fine with no interruption.

Hi @Jekklez1980. The Ring app doesn’t really play a factor in your Doorbells connection to WiFi, so we can probably rule that out. What is the RSSI for your Doorbell? This can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Also, what type of surface is the Doorbell mounted to and are there any other electronics around it, or your WiFi router? It is possible that there is some sort of interference. I would also try rebooting your internet router, which typically increases the connectivity.