Connecting to my wifi (not sure but ring setup 53 isn't mine)

This is so confusing, please just pretend I am dumber than a box of rocks.

  1. can I not connect the ring to MY wifi?
  2. in process of set up and it connects the ring setup 53 on my phone.
  3. the circle light won’t shut off???
    I’m sure there is more but will just start with this?

Hi @sugarwolf13. Yes, you do connect your Video Doorbell to your own wifi. During your setup process, when it asks you to join the Ring network, that is for your phone to make a connection with your Ring device. After that is done, you will then be asked to connect your Doorbell to your wifi network. Your Doorbell will continue spinning white until it tries to join your wifi network, then the light pattern will change and eventually shut off once the whole set up process is complete. Use Steps eight and nine in this Help Center article here for reference during setup, as all model Doorbells will go through this exact process. Also, this Help Center article here has troubleshooting steps if your setup is failing repeatedly. I hope this helps!