Connecting to LinkSys EA7450

Hi, we are having difficulties connecting our Doorbell (2020 mod) to our new router. We did not have any issues connecting to our old wifi, but cannot finish setup with the new wifi router (EA7450). The device is able to connect to the app, but that is as far as it gets before setup fails.

We’ve tried on 2 separate Doorbell devices (same model). Since we’re finding the same issue with both, I’m suspicous that the new router is culperate. The old router was a D-Link Nighthawk.

Has anyone who is using the same router found there are particular setting you needed to change? LinkSys support is not open to troubleshooting 3rd party devices.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @blueheron19. A great way to test if your network is causing the issues would be to connect the Doorbell to a WiFi hotspot. If you can successfully connect to a hotspot, you may need to make some adjustments to your network. This Help Center article here has some great tips and tricks for this. Additionally, make sure that your phones Smart Network Switch/WiFi Assist is turned OFF for setup. Turning off Bluetooth for setup can also help.