Connecting several ring elite cameras to splitter/switch

I plan to install 3 ring elite cameras that come with a poe adapter from an eero pro extender which only has one port. The eero pro will be connected by cat5e from the modem/router. I need to get a splitter with more ports in order to connect from the eero pro. Do I need a POE splitter or non POE splitter (these ring elite cameras have a Poe adapter)? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone. What splitter do you recommend for the additional ports I need as explained above and clarify if I need a splitter with POE ports or not. I understand elite cameras have a POE adapter which I would connect to the splitter foo each camera. Please provide a model number ( I was looking at perhaps TP-link TL-SG1005P which is POE. TP also has a non-POE TL-SG1005).