Connecting Ring doorbell to Alexa

I am unable to find the Ring doorbell skill in Alexa. Have contacted Amazon but no solution for over a year. Any way i can download and add the skill to my alexa?

If you go into your Alexa app, then skills and search Ring. You don’t see it?

No i don’t see it in Alexa skills as it is not a available. See the attached screen shots

Here is a direct share link.

Try opening on your phone and maybe on a PC.

Tried it but i got this screen

Are you in the US? Maybe a region locked thing…

That may be the reason as I am in India.
Is there any way I can get the app to link in India?

That’s most likely it. If you have use of a VPN that would work. But I did see a YouTube video that shows how as well. If you google how to use an Alexa skill in another country there are more ways. hope this helps.