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I’m about to install an alarm system and floods, do these products link together in the app?

For example, if the alarm is triggered in the house, will the flood cameras start recording even if their own sensors have not detected motion? I’m installing 3 floods around the property in different areas.

Also, if one flood sensor picks up motion, will all 3 switch on or just when motion is detected at the other 2?

Hey @Elecspur. The Ring Alarm and the Floodlight Camera do in fact link through Linked Devices. You can learn more about this here. You can have the Alarm linked to the cameras so that whenever the Ring Alarm is going into an entry delay or is alarming, the devices will start recording. You can have it where only certain ones are triggered by this, or all of them. In addition, in the individual Floodlight Cameras, you can have them trigger each other when motion is detected. :slight_smile: