Connected but not working

I have the doorbell which I set up with no problems and everything went fine with the camera - It looks as if its set up, it’s connected to wifi, the wifi strength is good, the connection between my phone is good. BUT IT’S NOT FRIGGING WELL WORKING!! It’s not picking up any motion, its not going to a live view, its just bloody sitting there like a useless bit of white plastic. There’s isn’t something really really basic that Im missing is there? Like an on/off switch or a piece of plastic over the sensors or something?

Hey @freccle. Under the Device Health page, does the device show online with a decent RSSI? If this is true, try resetting the camera by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds. From there, try to activate the Live View, or trigger a motion alert, and let me know if it works! Please also make sure that you do not have anything Modes wise turned on where the motion recording and Live View would be disabled.