Connect to battery powered mechanical doorbell UK


Have just purchased a Ring Video Doorbell, also purchased the LANMU power adapter. We have a Freidland Type 4 mechanical doorbell that is battery powered. Have connected the LANMU adapter directly to the Ring Video Doorbell and it is working great. Have run the 2 wires from the Mechanical doorbell to the Ring Video Doorbell, removed the batteries and it does not ring. Any suggestions please?

Hey @Greybloke. We have a list of compatible chime kits in our Ring Help Center Article here. Is your mechanical chime kit one of the following from the Freidland brands: 968N, 106, 115, D142M, D3230, Friedland York Tubular Doorbell C963, 552 Stockport, D107 Facet, D113 Surf, D128 Hockey, D230 Big Ben, D239 Bandera, D454 Warbler? Those are the compatible chime kits, but we also have these by Friedland that are incompatible: D902 Door Bell-in-One. If your’s is none of these options, it may actually be an incompatible one that we have yet to put into our list. Let me know!