Connect ring doorbell 4 with TP link extender

I’m trying to get a better connection to my doorbell which is on our gate but the internet won’t reach. I bought an AC1750 Wi-Fi extender but still no luck. Anyone used extenders or is it best to go the chime pro.

Not sure it is of much help, but…

We live in a small flat/apartment and we have both a wifi extender - which we already had when we bought the Ring doorbell v4 - AND a Ring Chime Pro.
After setting up the doorbell we kept getting reports of a weak signal to it in the Ring app, so bought the Chime Pro. The weak signal seems to have improved, but video recordings still seem to be very ‘jumpy’…!

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Hi @user13013. My best suggestion would be to run a speed test at the location of where your Doorbell is. This will give you a better idea of how much a Chime might improve your signal. I would suggest buying this from Amazon, so you can return it if needed.