Connect chime to external device?

Has anyone succeeded in connecting a chime to an external device?

I want to install a large bell, so that folks know when their motion has been detected.

Good question @fantonio! If you are asking about our Ring Chime/ Chime Pro devices, these are only compatible with other Ring devices. I’ve seen neighbors use multiple Chime Pros for extending notification sounds throughout the home, or even having a tablet/ Ipad logged into the Ring app for mobile device alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Was NOT a question about compatibility.

Let me ask it more explicitly…

Has anyone MODIFIED a Ring chime to connect to an external device?

Hello please can someone advise me on how to set up the ‘in home chime sound’ on a secondary device (Samsung S6 Android Phone)
As I am the main account holder the In home chime sound works perfectly on my mobile phone to alert me. But I would like to set this up on my husband’s S6 also as I am away at work during the day and he is at home.
Any advice would be appreciated.