Concealed Peephole camera - looks like a regular peephole

Can you please make a peephole camera that looks like a regular peephole from the outside? I have units in condo buildings where I’m not allowed to change the appearance of the door so I cannot use any of your existing products (but desperately want a camera). There is no other company that makes this with wi-fi capability, it is a huge opportunity.


I agree 100%
You would sell so many!!
My mother in law’s neighbour has vandalised two cameras as she doesn’t want security video in the block. If you provided a peephole camera that sat flush just as a normal peephole viewer does the neighbour wouldn’t have a problem!


I almost bought the Ring peephole camera thinking that it would be what you described. I agree, I think it would fit a lot of people’s needs, including mine.

Only issue you have with “peephole” cameras depending on the country of residence, you may encounter GDPR or similar data protection issues. As from what has been described you dont want them knowing you have the devices to prevent vandalism ect. Which is understandable, however due to GDPR / data protection unless signage is placed to make members of the public aware of the potential recording of their identity it technically breaches this law, thus making you liable for a a civil law suit. This is most likely why the majorirt of ring products naturaly come with ring camera warning stickers and sinage to advise people their their images are being taken. Thus making the idea of it being hidden to prevent vandalism void. Main reason is to protect property and life but still needs to advised unfortunatly

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I don’t think GDPR applies in this use-case, unless your peephole is pointed at an interior space like a hallway that is not a public space. There are plenty of “hidden” security cameras in the world that don’t violate privacy because public spaces are not where anyone expects privacy.