Complaint Process and Data Request after very bad customer service help over the phone!

Last week i needed to check the camera recording for a delivery, its a rare occurrence but it can happen.

I went to the app on my iphone and this camera said no recordings as the account had expired - how odd? I paid for a full year on August, however i logged into the website and updated my card details and checkout out - all done.

I was very worried though, as i had already paid 2 months prior, so i called the help team and that is where things went really bad.

1 - They were shouting in the background, they couldn’t hear me at times

2 - They had no idea why this happened and couldn’t provide me with any explanations

3 - They told me that the app could be fault, but alas, as soon as i entered my card details last week, the app started working again - how odd?

4 - I am really concerned now as i asked for the complaints process and she told me to visit the website - i said that’s an email, she said no its a website!!

5 - i used my intuition and said look that is an email, and i shall email it with my complaint

6 - i received an auto response from the said email, saying its no longer in use - very worrying

7 - i said under UK GDPR laws, i am entitled to view all the information you hold about me including financial history - she said that she cant help and for me to visit the website “” - now this must be illegal.

8 - luckily i have recorded the whole conversation and now seeking professional help.

I want to know why my account didn’t record last week, why it told me it had expired, why it made me enter new card details, when the account was fully paid up 2 months ago for a whole year as confirmed by this person on the phone?

Very very worrying again from Ring… need some decent expertise here.