Complaint On Posting

I tried to submit a post twice about safety/crime issue that happened at my address this morning. Both time RING denied my post, stating it did not follow their rules. My address includes the bus stop and sidewalk. I am sorry I live in an apartment complex. I watched a man almost get hit outside my gate because the car was intentionally trying to hit him. She drove her car onto the sidewalk, on a busy road, an tried to hit him twice. Now I posted the vehicle and the man who almost got hit. I reported it to the police. I was notifying neighbors due to safety concerns, to be careful, and hoping anyone else may have saw this and possibly had information to report to the police as well. Why is Ring denying this safety/crime information to notify neighbors?

Because you are in a sense declaring the driver guilty of a crime. Only the courts can do that.
If you had just posted “be safe as there are dangerous drivers out there” without the video then likely it would have been allowed.
Let’s pretend that one of your neighbors sees your posting and takes the law into their own hands doing damage to the driver of the vehicle. Later it turns out the driver had a medical issue and wasn’t intentionally trying to run someone over. So who’s at fault? Your neighbor? You for posting an inflammatory video? Ring for hosting?
Ring treads a very fine line and sides on the side of caution.

Hi @ashleyjo6. Whenever your post is removed from the Neighbors app for any reason, you should receive an email about this. For any questions or concerns regarding why your post was removed from the Neighbors app, you will need to reply to the email that you received. The Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, and we do not have any control over the Neighbors app and any posts on there. You can also review the Neighbors Community Guidelines here.