Complaint - christmas ring tones not working

Not sure where to start, but maybe someone from the Ring team can bother addressing the concerns of several customers here:

Customers are left to fend for themselves and your support team is oblivious of what’s going on. Your Christmas ring tones are not working on the first gen chime pro and customers deserve a fix or at least an acklokegement of the issue with an expected timeframe for the fix! Stop ignoring us, we deserve some respect!

We expect a response in the the community link above or this will escalate, I can assure you.


I have the same problem and I have phoned ring twice in the past week to report this issue and all they keep telling me the problem will be sorted, but still nothing. I don’t think ring doorbell know what’s causing the problem or how to solve it. I am resigned to the fact that I will not be getting my Christmas chimes this year. Very disappointed with ring doorbell for not keeping me informed as to what is going on…


Have you ever seen anyone official from Ring come forward with an ETA for a fix for an issue? I haven’t and I doubt this issue will be any exception to that.
Most likely “it’ll be fixed when it’s fixed” is the best we can hope for.

I have the same problem - it worked for halloween

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Yeah this really isn’t ok. Especially since they worked last year. Getting tired of overlooking things not working as they should… with ring and blink.

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Christmas chimes still not working on my device

Came here for answers… left with disappointment. Can the Ring development team please Chime in? Full pun intended.

We want our Christmas cheer!

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Same thing here. Christmas tones are still not working and nobody neither answer nor fix the problem. Santa will be disappointed to not hearing his “ho ho ho”.

I surely hope this isn’t this new corporate woke cancel crap that big tech is at full speed ahead. They like to burn down Christmas trees…
It’s interesting it’s only the Christmas theme that’s not working? If this doesn’t get repaired by Friday12/17/21, all the Ring gear will be returned to vendor for refund and I’ll build my own system.

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In fact, I’m already removing it today… B

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There is a larger thread here on the same topic and a Ring employee continues to offer the same solution that does not work. They have now marked it as a resolved topic when it resolves nothing! An anonymous account that says they are a Ring employee stated that this will most likely not be solved until New Years and that no one with Ring is really working to resolve this issue.

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Hey guys, the problem has been solved. Check your devices. Thank you

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