Complaint Board

I have a suggestion for the Ring Community website.

I think it would great to have a “Complaints” board.

For example, if a Ring firmware update was bricking users devices… a thread could be posted on the “Complaints” board.

Question: What tag should have been chosen for this thread? I didn’t see a suitable one, and the board software kept changing the one I choose when I save the thread.

I know it’s been months since you created this entry but I have to agree with you. It’s clear RING and the parent company AMAZON isn’t interested in customer service at this point. There’s no method for offering suggestions or registering a complaint. A simple topic thread of “suggestions or complaints” would be more than sufficient but it appears they are afraid it will hurt their business.

You can already go to the Feature Request section ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) to make your product suggestions. Folks vote, and those that get high votes get the attention of Ring devs.
Pretty much the main board (or any for that manner) are “complaint” sections as that’s what many folks do and fellow users or some of the Ring reps reply.