Compatible chimes

I have an existing door chime which I’d like to use with a Ring Video Doorbell. The trouble is I don’t know whether it is compatible. It is a Grothe Croma 230A. Details are:
8-12v (0,4A) oderior
239v 50Hz (0,02A)

Can any help me with this.

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Hey @bruceforsyth! Here are all of our Chime Compatibility lists for each Video Doorbell model. I was able to find this chime kit (Grothe Croma230) under our incompatible digital chimes section. Be sure to reference the list specific to your Video Doorbell model to confirm this for yourself.

Not to worry if it is incompatible, as our Chimes are a great solution for this! :slight_smile:

Trouble is the compatibility lists are for US markets. I’ve been through the compatible list and haven’t found any listed which is available in the UK

Sorry about that, @bruceforsyth! Here are the Chime Compatibility Lists specific to your region. Keep in mind, if you have a Video Doorbell Pro, installing a Ring Pro in Europe looks a little different; make sure to check out our Help Center Article for details on installation and intended use in Europe.