Community Login Gotcha

Took me over an hour to figure out why I could not log into Ring Community tonight.

The Ring Community login used to be identical to the login, but with the forced “two factor” login, this community became inaccessible.

Turns out, although the login screens APPEAR to be identical, they are NOT

Logging into RING.COM requires;

email, password, then, on the next screen, verification code.

Logging into COMMUNITY.RING.COM requires;

email, password, then, on the next screen, _ re-enter password + _ verification code.

So much for designing login screens that look good but are not thought out.

Ring support not only didn’t believe that COMMUNITY.RING.COM existed, much less that Ring was responsible for it.

Beverly Howard

Hi neighbor- The Ring Community is fairly new so team members are continuing to learn about it. Sorry to hear that you had problems, but we strive to have alignment when signing on to the different sites soon :slight_smile: