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Thanks for your help, but your support team referred me to a subpoena instead of figure out anything about that email.

I don’t know if your mods are getting lazy or burnt out, but instead of one troll getting whipped up into a frenzy we now have MOST of the comments being trolls. We also have people who are NOT in the area being allowed to comment on posts–people from 87121 being allowed to comment on 87123 when the immediately adjacent zip code is 87112. No matter how many reports we do, the same people keep cropping up and most of the community has given up trying to engage. Thanks for an expensive product that barely works under optimal conditions, otherwise fails, and supports rude behavior.

Hi @imouse1 - this is not the Neighbors App, which it seems to be what you’re talking about. Please review the Neighbors Community Guidelines, here.

Hi We are James and Laurie from Texas. Happy to join the community :blush:


So I am very new to this community because somebody is taking videos without my consent and posting them and sending them all over the place first the account was under my daughter’s name Dakota Rogers and then she said she gave it to her friend Neely Allie. What I do in the privacy of my home is my business and how does your software and your cameras give people the right to record people without their consent and post it and send it to people I don’t understand this isn’t this a crime?

I wish I could say I was happy to join the community how do I make people stop recording me illegally and sending these videos without my consent to other people

I understand your frustration, I can feel it trust me I’ve got anger issues loll the best you can do is ignore the ignorant children that think they know anything about home safety and any it’s important. Forgive them for they do not know they are teenage brats!! Lol

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