Community Finding Option

Has anyone turned on the “Community Finding” option? If so, what convinced you to do so?

Does this setting over-rule overall “Location Services” and related Privacy/Security settings on your mobile/desktop device(s)?

Is the Default setting “Off”?

If you (carefully) read the information on the Ring app screen… it sounds like a dangerous option. The suggested uses are ridiculous.

In other words, it seems like the option is specifically designed to trick people who aren’t very tech-savvy into (unintentionally) turning on an option that will place people and property at risk. Thus, one has to wonder who the actual primary intended beneficiaries are. (It presumably is NOT the person who turned the option “on”.)

Hi @Frustrated427. I appreciate you sharing your feedback here. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of where you’re seeing this setting or option in the Ring App? That way I can take a better look and pass this feedback along to the appropriate team. :slight_smile: