"Collar" on Neck of Floodlight Cam

I just installed my 1st Floodlight Cam (on my Patio).

I noticed there is a “Collar” at the top of the neck between the Camera / Motion Detector & the base.

That collar has a hole that goes through the collar which leads me to believe that a bolt should go through that hole & be secured on the other side by a nut — to tighten that collar.

But NO bolt / nut is provided.

What is the purpose of that collar?

Kind of useless if it canNOT be tightened!!!

Congratulations on your Floodlight Cam, we hope you enjoy its capabilities! When you get a moment, please response with a picture example of this part on the Floodlight Cam, and I’ll be happy to assist further :slight_smile:

See Page 13 of the Installation Manual for the Floodlight Cam.

In the picture on the left, he is turning the round knob to rotate the camera 180 degrees.

Directly below that round knob is the “collar” I am referring to.

See the 2 holes on the left side of that “collar”.

Seems like there would be a need for a bolt & nut through those holes to tighten that “collar”.

Right now that “collar” is very loose & moves easily up & down & does not serve any purpose. So, why even have it?

Thank you for confirming this information with us @DonC ! When you have a moment, please send us a message at Community@ring.com. Thank you :slight_smile: