Clearly a service that isn't thought through

This is clearly a service that isn’t thought through. My story… Tripped my son’s alarm accidentally. Ring calls me, but then asks for some secret code I don’t know what it is or how to get it, so then they want to transfer me to “community support” whatever that is, (I’m guessing tech support), and I’m like"NO the cops are probably on their way I don’t want technical support I want to turn off the alarm and stop the cops from coming”. Then I tried logging into my ring account to find this code and yet again they can’t help without putting me through to tech support because when you login to ring account there’s nothing to help me find this code.!

There’s some setup thing and then if I get out of that, there’s my menus but nothing that shows me a code.

Piece of crap and crummy service. Why does everything have to be wrapped up into apps and technology, this is NOT what’s needed for security. You need people!


Hi @toddsdonald. The code you’re referring to would be the Verbal Password that your son would have set up when initially signing up for the Professional Monitoring plan. This Verbal Password is not kept anywhere in the Ring App for security purposes, but the owner of the alarm system can change it from within their account. I’d recommend asking your son what he had set as the Verbal Password so you can make note of this. You can also read more about the process of getting a call from our Professional Monitoring Center here. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: