Clarification/verification about the Retrofit kit wording

On Ring’s website (here), I see a description which lead me to believe that all the devices I hook to a kit would show as one item:

When you add the Retrofit Alarm Kit with your wired zones to your Ring Alarm, the entire zone will be managed similar to individual Ring Alarm Contact Sensors, but you won’t be able to identify exactly which wired contact sensor was triggered.

As I read the manual I see it supports 8 zones.

Does this mean I’d be able to add the existing 4 hardwire window sensors & 2 hardwired doors, and see them as 6 separate devices?

If so, I wonder if the website’s product description should be clarified.

(If not, why bother having 8 zones?)

Hi @YesThatAllen. This and more can be found through the links in our Community post about the Alarm Retrofit Kit. If you are unable to find the exact solution, check back here to see if other neighbors have shared a similar experience with their Retrofit Kit throughout the Community. :slight_smile: