Choppy Audio

Hey guys,

I have a new Ring Video Door Bell Pro,

The audio is choppy and I miss every third word or so.

I searched the internet and apparently this is an on going issue for years.

And yes my internet connection is good.

There is a thread on this forum that says “Solved” however after reading

the entire thread I never saw the fix.

If I cant get some help here Ill just return it to Amazon and Ring will have to deal with a defective return.

Can anyone help ??

Sorry to hear about this experience @GreggC . Multiple neighbors have confirmed that a power cycle or reset worked for them. A power cycle is as easy as disconnecting wires for a few seconds and reconnecting. If this does not improve audio, holding the setup button for 20 seconds will result in a reset.

Connection concerns may also make your audio choppy. In addition to checking your network signal and speeds, I always recommend testing on another mobile device to ensure the phone and app are not the culprit. Let me know how this goes!

Thank you for the reply,

Ill give it a try.

Those are good suggestions and I hope they work for you. Unfortunately, they did not for me. I went as far as taking my doorbell over to my son in laws where his works fine. We installed mine and got the poor audio. Reinstalled his and audio was fine. That proves without a doubt it is my unit.

Hey ! It sounds like you covered all the bases of troubleshooting for this concern. I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for further assistance. :slight_smile:

I have several times. Nothing ever happens.