Choose which announcements on which device?

For my Ring Video Wired Doorbell, I know there is a setting under the Ring Skill in the Alexa app that you can choose which devices to use for the announcements but can you select differently for each type of announcement?

For example, I would like ‘Doorbell Press’ announcement to play on all my Echo devices but ‘Motion’ announcement to play just on my Echo Show. Is that possible?

Thank you.

Good question, @Spongle! As you know, you can indeed set a separate Alexa announcement tone for each Ring device your have. The same thing goes for event types, as your motion announcements and button push announcements are separate events. You can even have motion disabled, and only button push announcements will play, for instance. This will likely require some adjustments in your Alexa / announcement settings.

Find out more from our help center article about Alexa announcements. :slight_smile: