Chimney smoke creating false notifications for ring flood light

Hi all,
Recent winter days has been quiet annoying as due to the constant notifications sent by the ring floodlight installed at the back of the house which has been impacted due to the smoke coming out of the boiler flues during the evenings which is in the same wall below the ring flood light camera system. Now that I have already paid the electrician to install the camera during summer for this and I don’t want to spend more money bringing electrician again to shift the floodlight position.

This was not a issue at all during summer as the boiler was only used to boil the water and not the central heating for house during that time. Now as the boiler is working more often to give heating and hot water for home this winter. The boiler flues is emitting bigger sized smoke as the temperature outside is more colder, the smoke gets bigger and bigger due to hot smoke from flues mixing with moisture in the air. In return creating constant notifications to the ring flood light every single evenings.

Is there a solution to have the notifications sent when there is only a actual intrusion. I have been snoozing the alarms every evenings. And I don’t think this is what I should be doing. As this will stop me from deterring an actual intrusion. Please advise for solution.

Thank you

Hi @Niraj58. It sounds like you’ve already isolated the cause of the false motion alerts as the smoke coming out of the boiler. In this situation, you may want to consider adjusting the angle of the Floodlight Cam so that the smoke would not be in its view. If that’s not an option, you can use the Motion Snooze feature to temporarily snooze motion alerts whenever you know the boiler is on. I hope this information is helpful.