ChimePro 2 connection to Orbi Satellite

I installed a ChimePro 2 to improve the Wifi connection with my Video Doorbell 2. Unfortunately instead of connecting to the Orbi Satellite (RBS750) which is less than 4 meters away, it always connect to the Orbi Router (RBR750) located 10 meters away on the floor above, leading to less than RSSI -70 signal strength. It also sometimes switches to 2.4 GHz which improves the signal, but most of time stays on 5 GHz.
All my other devices (including Ring Spotlight Cams) always connect to the nearest Orbi Satellite, thus I wonder about the specific behavior of the ChimePro 2 when it comes to selecting the best Wifi signal coming from the nearest access point.

Hi @ffdumont. Iā€™d recommend using the Chime Pro Placement Test within the Ring App to find the best placement for your Chime Pro to ensure it has a good connection. You can find more information on how to do that in our Help Center Article here. You can also manually change the wifi connection that your Chime Pro is using, so you could try creating a guest network that is 2.4GHz only, since that has a larger effective range. In the Ring App, navigate to Devices > your Chime Pro > Device Health > Change Wi-Fi Network. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

I too have an Orbi Mesh system, and devices will choose the best WiFi connection, usually the one that appears strongest, over the one closest as it may not be strongest.

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