Chime - will it chime for contact sensors?

I have a ring system set up, but contact sensors (and home base) only (so far). Have not yet installed a doorbell, will be soon.

My main purposes for needing the Ring system is we now have 3 levels of living space, and a young child. I wanted to be alerted when any exterior doors (or her bedroom door) are opened. This works fine when I am on the main floor and can hear the home base “chime”. However, it is useless when I am sleeping (upstairs) or working (downstairs). So I bought a “chime” plug in accessory. Assumed it would connect to my home base, and would chime anytime the home base chimes.

I cannot figure out how to get that to work? Will it work? HOW? or will it only chime when the doorbell or a motion sensor is activated?

Hey @erinmeris. Happy to help clear this up for you! The Chime and Chime Pro do not connect to the Base Station for the Ring Alarm System at this time, so you will be unable to hear these chirps from that device. If you buy and setup an extra Ring Keypad, it can play the chirps from there for you, as well as be amakeshift panic button if you need it. If you do not need the Chime or Chime Pro, I recommend returning it and purchasing a spare keypad if you feel it’s best!

When will this feature be made available? Need this for someone who has hearing loss.

Hi @Slhhill! As stated earlier in the thread, the Chime/ Chime Pro do not sound for Alarm related alerts. If you are wanting to extend the reach and sound of Alarm related chirps sounds, this will be best done by adding another Keypad. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

5 months later is there any update on this becoming available on a road map? It doesn’t make sense to me to buy a keypad to hear chirps on a 3rd floor when it will serve no other purpose. Wouldn’t that be the exact purpose of the “chime”?
I purchased one recently thinking it would extend the contact sensors chime to my 3rd floor so I know when people are coming in my house but it only shows that I can have it chime when my camera detects motion? That just seems a bit sad to me that I can’t use it for more.

Hi @Jlong. There are no updates at this time. In addition to the previously mentioned suggestions, you could use a routine with an Amazon Alexa in you home to achieve the same goal. I hope this helps!

@Tom_Ring can you explain more on how one can setup a routine with Alexa to achieve this? I’m not able to find what I need off hand.

Hi @Jlong. This Help Center article here has information on setting up a routine. For “When this happens”, I’ve selected “Contact Sensor Opens” and for “Add action”, I chose to have Alexa say “Slider Door is open”. You can then select which Alexa device you want this to come from. This is how I’ve personally setup my smart home. I hope this information helps.

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Thank you @Tom_Ring that helped a lot! Not sure why I didn’t think to click into “Smart Home”…
This seems to be a better option to make sure people are aware of before or in addition to telling them to use an additional Keypad. (Just my opinion)

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Hey @Jlong. Glad this worked for you! It’s been a great addition to my “Smart Home”.