Chime snooze

Is there an option to snooze only the chime but still receive notifications on phone? I don’t want kids woken up with the chime but I still want to know if motion sensor is tripped by my phone alerts. Please help!

Good question @RozBoz! There is indeed a Chime Snooze option in the Ring app. If you have the quick options slider at the top of your Ring app dashboard, you can actually select the Chime and Snooze option right from there.

Alternatively, you can open the menu from the Ring app dashboard and select your desired Chime device to visit. Once there, you will see the Snooze option. Check out our help center article for visual and best steps on using this feature. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

We need the Global Snooze Feature to include chimes. Having to set each chime on snooze is silly with such an intergrated system.

What slider are you refering to on the app (iOS)?