Chime should sound for alarms

My previous thread was oddly closed even though the thread it was “merged” with was marked solved, when it is not solved at all. The request is for Ring wireless Chimes to have the option to sound on alarms (smoke/burglar) NOT for Amazon Echo devices to. Either please allow a new feature request or mark the thread that is improperly marked “Solved” as unsolved:

thank you so much!

Hi @user32431. We will mark a reply as the solution for a feature request if it contains relevant and useful information. For the request you linked about using a Chime to play Ring Alarm sounds, our reply is marked as the solution because it provides an alternative for neighbors who may already have compatible Amazon Echo devices. Marking a reply as a solution doesn’t close the thread, and neighbors are welcome to continue leaving their feedback on the request. Duplicate feature requests will also be merged together to more accurately gauge interest in a particular request.