Chime pro volume too low

Any suggestions on how to improve the volume - have the chime pro (2nd gen) and it is at maximum volume. It is located in the hallway but volume so low…cannot hear it in the lounge or from upstairs.

Have tried the different chime sounds but all poor in terms of the volume.

We know someone who has the 1st gen and it is way louder even when set at a low volume level…have tried to purchase this but no luck.


Hi @Bilks. Have you tried resetting the Chime by holding down the reset button on the side for 15 seconds? If not, I’d recommend giving this a try and then testing the alert. If it is still low, would it be possible for you to record a video of the Chime’s volume when it plays an alert? I’d like to have my team take a look. :slight_smile: