Chime Pro goes nuts!

I just bought myself a Doorview cam and a Chime Pro and whenever I set the chimepro up for notifications for the specific sound which “I” would like, it doesn’t work, it keeps ending up staying with the default chime sound which is extremely LOUD and ANNOYING!!! I use the slider to make the noise less loud and press “save” which it says it does but each time there’s motion it still goes back to that annoying default loud chime. I even took it out of the outlet last night because the motion snooze doesn’t work either but it still kept going on and on all night, how is that possible?? I tried resetting it and I tried removing it completely from the app and reinstalling it, what else can I do? Is the device faulty? Is it a software error? Please help.

Hey @OWA. Since you have already reset the device and re-setup the device, it may be best to reach out to our support team. They will be able to do some further troubleshooting to address your concern. Please contact them anytime here!

I’m sorry but your customer service has no idea of helping people. I got in touch with them yesterday and all they kept repeating back to me was for me download new tunes to my chime. I explained to them I already tried this several times but they didn’t really care, so it didn’t end well. It’s the same regarding another camera I purchased before the one I installed now, it’s faulty and I was promised a replacement but now they dance around it and tell me to message again in a few weeks and so on while another employee tell me someone else will be in touch with me, which of course never happens. So that’s why I chose to put a post out here regarding my chime pro, I hope I’ll at least get some help here!