Chime Pro (2nd gen) & DHCP

i’ve just installed a new Chime Pro (2nd gen). does this establish IP addresses for attached devices? i’ve attached 2 Cams that were previously direct to the router (weak signal). i had their IP addresses reserved on the router. they no longer show up as attached devices on the router, however they now have strong signal via the APP and Chime Pro. so, does the Chime Pro establish its own VLAN and DHCP and, if so, can i release the reservations on the router?

thx, ron

Hey @Rcsjr. After checking with the appropriate teams, they confirmed for me that the 2nd Generation Chime Pro has its own DHCP, and you can release the previous reservations you had for your cameras from here on since they are connected to the Chime Pro. :slight_smile: