Chime Only When the Doorbell Button is Pushed

How do I set my Chime up to ONLY chime when someone physically presses the button on my Ring Video Doorbell? Right now I have it set to only notify me when a person is detected, however I am at work and my husband says everytime a car drives by it chimes in our house so he’s checked the door 12 times and no one is there…obviously this is a problem LOL I basically got it so that when people come to our house we can also have an audible doorbell chime inside the home and not just as a notification on our phones.

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated!



Hey @Chimmay28. I would definitely be over hearing the chime every time for motion detection, and too had to turn off the sound on my Chime Pro! The steps will look the same, but you will go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Go one device at a time but all your other Ring devices will need this change (select Doorbell here) > Linked Chimes > and then you can turn off the motion detected alert from here! :slight_smile: