Chime intermittently playing ring notifications

I have a ring doorbell pro and a chime. Both are within line of sight of a Unifi wireless access point, with an RSSI of 49.

The problem I have is the Chime will not play all ring notifications. It plays some, but sometimes the Chime just doesn’t play the doorbell sound. Meanwhile all the mobile devices in my house linked to the doorbell are making all the usual noises. Why Is this?

I Have noticed that whenever I test the setup, if I ring the doorbell without activating the motion detector first, the Chime ALWAYS works. But if it follows a motion detection, it often doesn’t work. This is obviously a problem because most people set off the motion detection before ringing the doorbell.

Hi @DanTheMans. We have a similar thread on this concern here, which contains some great information on how the Chime works when experiencing overlapping events. When the Chime alerts for motion but the Doorbell button is pressed right after, it will not also alert for the ding as the events are overlapping. You can disable it from alerting with motion and this will ensure every ring event is played on the Chime. :slight_smile:

That needs addressed then. The ring press should override motion. I want alerted for both motion and for doorbell press. Rediculous.
It’s basic function is a doorbell… Jeez.

Do any of your software developers actually use a ring doorbell? As that is designed backwards.