Chime claims successful connection but then is marked "offline"

I’m trying to integrate a Ring Chime (1st Gen) with my Ring Video Doorbell Pro after the original one got fried in a power surge (I always keep a backup in storage). I managed to connect the Chime and get the “Success! Your Chime is now set up and ready to protect you” screen. But when I go back to Ring app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, it insists the Chime that was just successfully set up is offline!!! All the knowledgebase articles insist it’s the WiFi access point but it can’t be because all my other devices (Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Apple MacBook Pro laptop, iPad, AppleTV, iPhone, etc.) show maximum signal strength and that same iPhone is held 1" away from the Chime (so if the iPhone is connecting successfully both to WiFi and the Chime, why is the Chime considered “offline”??? And why am I getting a “Success!..” screen?).

I’ve tried deleting the Chime and setting up again from scratch to no avail. I’ve tried “reconnecting” to the WiFi and getting all the way to the “Success! …” screen but the Ring app insists the Chime is still offline. Restarting the WiFi access point does nothing for me and all my other devices connect to it and outwards to the Internet without problems. Only the Ring Chime gives me the contradicting “Success!..” yet “Offline!..” status screens. I even placed the Ring Chime right next to the WiFi access point. I have screenshots and a photo to show how close the Ring Chime is the WiFi access point if anybody is interested.

Hi @Tanster. First, make sure both the Ring app and your phone’s operating software are fully updated. You can read more about the Ring app and mobile device compatibility here. If that doesn’t resolve this, I’d recommend trying a quick reset on your Chime by holding down the reset button on the side for at least 15 seconds. After that’s done, complete a new setup once more using the steps under Set Up a Device.

Should this concern persist and you’re unable to get your Chime up and running, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can take a more in-depth look with you. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.