Chime 2.4Ghz Not connecting to WiFi - SOLVED

Hi all,

I have just purchased a Standard Door Chime.

When I attempted to install it, I could not get the device to connect to my home WiFi through the Ring App.

It appears that the Ring App stores your Home WiFi Password, which my Home WiFi did not seem to like.


When prompted by the App to use the existing Network stored in the App, please decline that offer.

You will then be taken to a screen showing all available Networks, as you were when you installed your primary device (Doorbell etc.).

Select the Network you wish to connect to and re-enter your Network Password.

Voila! You should now be connected.

Hope that helps others.

Ring App Developers: This appears to be a security issue between some Internet Hubs and your App.

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For me it was turning my location thing on. Setup never asked me to. Took talking to a tech for a bit before he brought that up. But it worked first try after turning it on