Changing your Email address in the Ring App

Update as of 6/11/2020: We are on a slow rollout of a new process that allows neighbors to change their email address in the Ring app. You can learn more about this in our Community post here.

Hi neighbors! Lately, we have seen an increase in posts regarding how to change the email address on your account. Once an email address is selected for your Ring account it can no longer be changed through the Ring app. If you need to change your email address for some reason, you will need to contact our support team. Right now, due to COVID-19, we do have shorter support hours. Please take a look at thishelp article to view our hours of operation and best way to contact support. We hope this helps!

These are all EU and UK numbers. I need to change my email address. How can I do this in the USA? Please give me that number. Chat does nothing except put me back on the Community page.


What phone# or email address do I use to get a hold of someone that can change my email address from my xhusband to me. He has moved out and I don’t want him to have access to my ring system.

Hey neighbors! You can find all numbers to call here. To make it easy, phone support is available 5AM-8PM PDT, seven days a week via phone only at 800-656-1918. :slight_smile:


Why do I have go call someone just to change my email address? Is there an email address I can request the change from instead? I do not want to spend time on the phone taking care of something that should be basic functionality that should be a self-serve feature. Two factor authentication is already enabled for anyone with security concerns.


Hi Chelsea,

I don’t see any email address in the provided link to contact Customer Support in order to ask for an email change. Incidentally as I’m not in the States, the call could be a little bit more expensier than it should.

Is there any other way to reach CS, like by email or by opening a support ticket?


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I need help changing my original email address my old one is disabled

Hi neighbors! At Ring we value your security and your privacy. While there are a great many features in your app, including advanced security measures to keep your account secure, some inquiries are best handled with our support team. Billing, account specific inquiries, or email changes can be resolved quickly and securely, over the phone, with the team.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Ive been trying to get my email changed for 3 months now. I have been without a doorbell system since that time. Ive emailed, phoned and used the Chat system without success.

I am in the UK. It is BST Time Zone. I attend Hospital daily for radiotherapy from 1pm until 6pm.

Ive sent pictures of my Doorbell showing the Serial Number, the Mac Address given my new email and my old email , my telephone both mobile and Home number.

My 12 months support so far has been abysmal.

Can you help ??

Sorry to hear about this experience @len123! As an email change is specific to your account, and sensitive information, we want to do our best to protect your security and privacy, while completing the change for you. At this time, the best way to accomplish this will be with our support team.

Our team will be more than happy to assist with this at a UK specified number available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. Please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support best. As you are in the UK it looks like only phone support is available, and email and chat are not at this time. Phone hours for your region are from 6AM-5PM CET, from Monday to Sunday. I hope this helps!

No… thats awful and you guys suck!! I just called, 6 pm PDT, said average wait time was 30 minutes. Are you kidding me. I am now looking for a new front door bell. No more RING for me.

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Ha! this is funny considering I am on the phone with support and they are telling me to change my email address in the app because my original account email address had a typo and cant be used to service the account! so frustrating

Hey neighbors! After getting a lot of feedback on how our email change process is, we have implemented a way for our neighbors to change their email address in the Ring app. If you are coming to this thread, this was before we made this change and required neighbors to contact our support team directly to make a change. We have created a Community post to help guide through what this looks like. You can learn more about how to change your email address in our Community post here.

Someone signed up for Ring using MY email address. I do not have a Ring, nor do I have plans to purchase one, and I hate that there’s no simple “I didn’t sign up for this” option on the email asking me to confirm my account.

I *really* dislike the notion that I have to waste more of MY time waiting on the phone to speak to someone to explain that I didn’t sign up for the account that is tied to my email address to get it taken off the address that has the ring account.

Please reconsider and provide an email address for those of us like me who want to close an account that we didn’t set up, because unsubscribing from the emails doesn’t close the account.

Thank you, @NotRingUser - I understand your frustrations. I know you don’t want to spend more time with a team member, but if it is okay with you, I can send you an email using the email address associated with your Community account and ensure this gets taken care of for you. Please let me know.


Thank you. I later found the instructions for my situation and I’m very pleased that Ring outline a procedure that I’d already followed. Change the password, Enter the verification code, but Ring has a step outlined - delete this profile.

What pleases me is that if I delete the profile, that Ring device will not work, thereby requiring the person who owns it to contact Ring to find out why the device isn’t working. At this time, the person who provided incorrect information is told that the account was deleted.

Whether they wise up to the fact that because they used someone else’s email address, that person shut it down or the Ring customer service agent informs them of this, I don’t know.

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Unfortuanately, ring doesn’t auto log devices out after a password change. setting up 2fa and changing password should however prevent any new access. is there any way to log out of all currently signed in devices within settings? or remove unfamiliar users within settings to revoke their access?

Hi @Keshawn. You can remove all authorized devices in the Control Center in your RIng App. This will log you out of the Ring App from any device that you’ve signed into before. You can read more about the Control Center and how to manage it in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: