Changing WIFI for Ring Alarm

What is involved in changing the WIFI for the Ring Alarm? I don’t want to do a reset and have to redo all the sensors. I have a new router installed along with the old router. The Ring Alarm is still connected to the old router.

There is an Ring Alarm article about using both a wired and wireless connection together which mentions that this cannot be done. Part of a quote from the article: If you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, the connection and your credentials will be removed as a security feature if you plug in an Ethernet cable. If you have an Ethernet cable plugged into the Base Station and attempt to connect to Wi-Fi, you should receive a message that as long as the cable is plugged in, you will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

This makes it appear that I can switch over to a wired connection with no consequences? This also makes it appear that if I use a wired connection all wireless settings will be lost? So… if I then remove the wired connection there will be an opportunity to reenter a NEW wireless setting into the Ring Alarm? Or, will the old settings still be stored? Or, there will be no opportunity and I have to do a reset?

That is correct @Miles1! I believe this is the help center article you are referring to, which states a Wifi and Ethernet connection cannot be maintained simultaneously, as you said. Luckily, changing this will not require a reset or setting up of all sensors. The Zwave network will remain, and once connected back to your home network securely, the Base Station will be able to check in with any and all prior connected zwave devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Marley!

It worked as anticipted except for one thing. I first used a wired connection and everything worked. I then removed the wired connection a day later just to make sure everything was working. When I removed the wired connection the base unit reconnected to my old wireless router. I thought all wireless information would be removed after using a wired connection. What I needed to do was turn off the WIFI on the old router then I was given the opportunity to setup a new wireless connection with the Ring Alarm.

Another question, a couple of weeks ago my keypad stopped making the “click noise” when pressing the keys. Sometimes when first pressing the keypad I might hear one or two clicks but stops. I reset the keypad but it didn’t change anything. Is there anything that can be done besides replacing the keypad? The alarm/keypad is about 14 months old.

I have the RING Security System and solar powered battery operated Stick Up Camera/Motion Detector. I want to change my WiFi network settings for both. I see for the Camera that in “Device Health” tab, I can press the reset button on the camera and follow instructions to change network settings. However, I can not find any link in the RING app to change the base station WiFi network settings. If I change the base station WiFi network settings, will it automatically change the WiFi network settings for the camera? Or, do I still need to change these separately for the base station and camera?

Hey @ginakodel. You will need to change the network for all of your cameras and the Base Station one at a time. For the Base Station, go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Gear icon at the top right > Network Settings > Change Connection. You will only need to change the Base Station connection, and all Alarm Devices should still stay connected. :slight_smile:

When you go to your main menu, set a device, find your Base station. you will get a promt to locate your base station. press the pair button located on the top right of your base station device. when your app (cell phone) paired, it will give you an option to pick ethernet or wifi, when you select wifi, it will show you list of available wifi and just pick the one you own then whatever password you set. Hope this help.

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