Changing ring device sounds

Hi there,
Is there any features coming up where you can change the actual ring device notification sounds? The ones in the app are good and liking the seasonal ones but would like to hear the same sounds coming from the Ring Doorbell.

This would be especially good for Halloween and Xmas so people get in the spirit as they ring!



I agree.

This would be a great feature.

Being able the change the sound on the Chime is nice, but would be more effective if (for example) trick or treaters ring the doorbell and it howls at them rather than in my kitchen.

@support… Is this a feature coming soon?

Yeah, come on guys! What a great feature. Makes each household unique and would be great for Halloween and Christmas. Also creating your own doorbell ring tone. Sooo many ideas.

When your ring device updates it’s firmware, near to an event like halloween or Christmas, they do include some temporary seasonal ringtones. These can be used to Great advantage in fact last year as it was dry weather I was able to place my ring chime secreted in the garden so that when when somebody pressed my doorbell they got a witches screech coming from the bushes behind them… quite amusing to watch lol

I do think that the folder containing the files controlling the Denise’s you hear should be discoverable so that you can add your own personalised sounds.

I think this would be a great idea but the current situation is adequate and quite fun

Ring Support - This feature is must, nest and other competitors already support this. Don’t get left out as such small things can big difference.

this was requested back in 2019 - so do bump this on your backlog and have this done sooner please.

note: this request is for the door bell sound and not thr chimes or in app notifications.


Yes, it would have been great for our spooky house on Halloween night to have the scary “witch laugh” on the actual ring doorbell, the ambience would have been on point. Please allow for the chimes to work on the doorbell itself.

Totally agree, it’s great being able to have different sounds on our chime indoors when the doorbell is pressed, but want it on the actual doorbell too. Especially at certain times of the year like Christmas to spread some seasonal cheer.

Come on Ring make this feature happen in time for Christmas!

I just bought a Ring Doorbell and I was shocked that it did not support this simple feature (configurable chimes on the external Door). This is NOT a technology problem as it is supported on the indoor chime. It is actually a marketting problem as the Ring Chime sound is a very recognisable brand used on all their adverts. Get over it allow configurable chimes.:smiley: