Changing physical address

When we first moved to this house 2 years ago, gps didn’t recognize the address. I had to use one nearby. How can I change the address now, since I’m sure it registers on gps now?

Good question @Tbone415! While logged in and at the Ring app dashboard, open the menu and you should see a drop down option near the currently select location. Once selected, there will be an option to add a location.

After adding your location successfully, you should then be able to visit each device’s “device settings” > “general settings” to change the location it is tied to. There is also the option of performing a new setup on each device and changing location that way, but it is not the quickest way or best way. It is important to consider your type of subscription in case you need to move your plan. I recommend downloading any important videos before doing this as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: