Changing from battery to hardwired


My doorbell was being used with the battery to start but I have just had it installed by an electrician so it is now hardwired. However, when I check the app it says it’s still working under battery power. Has my electrician done something wrong? He apparently wired it to the lighting circuit (there was a lightswitch on the other side of the wall where the doorbell has been installed). He needed a transformer apparently and I’m wondering if the transformer is not working? Any ideas?

There can be many variables to consider when troubleshooting power, which is why I put together this great Hardwiring Guide for Battery-Powered Video Doorbells. It includes links to detailed resources and tons of tips and tricks! :slight_smile:

As it is cold in many regions this time of year, please also check out this Community post about battery drain, to get the most out of hardwiring your battery-powered Doorbell. I hope this helps!