Change in service terms. Want refund

Ring’s service and features have been changed and are no longer acceptable to me.
I would like to return my 2 ring camera’s, 2 ring flood light cameras and ring door bell for a refund.

2 factor authentication is a no go for me
The removal of the windows desktop app is a no go for me.

These changes are unacceptable to me so I would like a refund as they were not in place when I made my initial purchase.

Hi. I can tell you Ring will not take this request here. This is going to require a call to them. Did you get the units through Amazon? They have a great return policy. If you used Paypal, there are also extended return options there.


Sorry to hear about this, @slydogsz! As the Community is a public neighbor to neighbor forum, any account specific or related requests are best handled with our support team.

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Better solution would be to restore support for the windows app. The one fellow who started this thread is not the only person upset with your recent decision.