Change email in Ring app

What is the best way to get the email associated with your account changed. I read I should call support and I did that a couple of months ago and they said it would be changed and give it a couple of days but it never changed. It is not a problem for logging in because I am using sms for authencation, and it has the correct email for associating with Amazon, but there is a typo in the account email that I have to remember when I login. Since my devices stay logged in for long periods of time it is always a challange to remember the typo in the username. I also know I am missing alerts etc. with the incorrect email. Thank you.


Hey @zjay. The only way to change your email will be with our support team. I advise to reach to them here in order to get his updated/escalated up further since you have already been in touch with them. Please give them a chat or a call to expedite this!