Chain reactions

I get tired of motion notification from my doorbell, when it’s just me leaving the house, like when I’m getting the mail, checking the weather, etc.

It would be great to have a setting for delay/disable of video/motion when a door is opened.

i.e. when “front door” status=open, then delay “doorbell” duration=“30 sec”

Obviously you’d have to make sure is a logical-timing thing, so it doesn’t do it in reverse or always.


That is genius! I always thought this would be a great feature but could never figure out how it could be easily implemented. Using a door opening to trigger a temporary motion snooze would be awesome. The only potential issue I can think of would be the delay. Sense the doorbell sits right next to the door there would have to be very little to no delay to pull this off. It’s a feature that is greatly needed.