CES 2020: A Sneak Preview of What’s to Come This Year

It’s the start of the year and Ring is excited to introduce more innovative products to extend your Ring of Security. Look forward to new the new Smart Lights powered by the sun, as well as our first entry into the access control space. Follow this link to learn about more announcements at CES and to sign up for select updates.

Is there something you are most excited for us to launch this year and want to know more? Let us know in the comments below!


My ring doorbell two just upgraded with the people mode. Will the regular doorbell and stick up cam get this function? It is needed on everything because they detect my cats

Glad you asked @Ksouellette! We are always working to keep our neighbors ahead of the game and up to date with new features, devices, and integrations. As mentioned in our help center article, prior to September this feature was only available on powered devices and we are, of course, working to make it available on both battery and powered devices.

At this time there is not a time frame for availability, but feel free to check out Ring.com/announcements and keep an eye on our Community for updates on this feature. :slight_smile:


I am a recent Ring convert.

I came from Nest and I am really missing the photo snapshots that were sent with the push notifications with Nest. Is there anything in the Road Map for sending snapshots with the Ring push notificatoins?

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Our HOA is considering a gate to control entry into the community/ neighborhood. Will Ring work with us on a support basis wherby we would test, report, and help perfect the design, and Ring would supply the controls/ service? We would do the install, etc.


Wish you would finialy roll out the mode feature for our cameras. The lack of support on the app is holding me up from buying more Ring products.

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A couple things re: 2020:

  1. Is Homekit support ever going to be done? This is important for automations, integrations with Siri Shortcuts and other features that make it easy to use the alarm. For example, right now I can say Siri Unlock Front Door. But I can’t say Siri Disarm Alarm.

  2. The Protect Plus Subscriber discount is not very useful for Amazon Prime subscribers. I can buy products for less on Prime than I can at Ring with 10% discount due to shipping. Since Ring is owned by Amazon I’d like to see a Protect Plus Subscriber discount that can be used at Amazon for true loyalty savings.


this link only takes you to the main ring page…i would like to see whats coming out this year

The Par38 Ring Bulb with Motion. Will this work in any fixture, and pair with the Ring lighting bridge? Will we be able to specify actions such as chime and activate a camera?

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